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1. How does a TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard work?

The TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard connects to a computer with a USB cable and draws the power it needs from the computer. The TRACEBoard driver automatically starts when the computer is turned on, and the interactive whiteboard becomes active once the driver is running.

When you connect a projector to your computer, you can project the computer image onto the TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard.

2. Does a TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard come with software?

Yes. The TRACEBoard software suite includes TRACEBoard, flexible tools, and content designed specifically for educators, included at no cost. Unlimited installs, free upgrades and a take-home version also come as standard features.

3. Can I use any computer with a TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard?

TRACEBoard software is required to run the TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard. You can install TRACEBoard software on any computer running Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You’ll also need an available USB connection.

4. Which computer applications can I use?

Any application that you use on your computer will work on a TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard. Some commonly used applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word, and AutoCAD, are especially well integrated for use with TRACEBoard interactive whiteboards. Depending on the application, you can save files with notes, convert handwriting to text or activate tools when you pick up a pen from the TRACEBoard Pen Tray.

5. Do I need to use a projector with a TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard?

To make the most of your TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard, you'll want to project your desktop to work with your computer applications. This requires a projector.

6. How durable is the screen surface?

The screen surface is very durable. The TRACEBoard interactive whiteboard display is made of a special hard-coated polyester. The hard coat is a thin finish that greatly enhances the resistance to scratches, abrasions and chemicals. The underlying layer of polyester is virtually tear proof. The hard coat and polyester combine to create a very durable and long-lasting surface.