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To win, need the right TEAM ! (independent individual Qiubo Su)


Welcome to TRACEBoard New Zealand !

We are the New Zealand exclusive distributor, partner and branch office of one of the global best Interactive Whiteboard researchers, developers and manufacturers located in Beijing, P. R. China.

We supply a range of Interactive Whiteboards and the related products for education, corporate, government and training use.

Our interactive whiteboards are sold to schools, colleges, universities, corporates, conferencing, training facilities, hotels, households, government departments, military, laboratories and many other application areas requiring interactive communication.

With the interactive whiteboard, the whiteboard surface becomes the feature-rich interface of your notebook or desktop PC, instantly touch the screen, then you can start a dynamic, interactive presentation. Educate, train, motivate, conference and plan, responding to participant input, make changes, edit and highlight, convert free form to text, the presentation can be recorded, allowing instant review, all on a large size screen. Many additional functions available to create impact and provide a stimulating, memorable and totally interactive presentation.

Why Interactive Whiteboard is the revolutionary product for teaching? Please check this The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution.pdf out.

For further information on the full range of our products and features available, please download the products brochure by clicking TRACEBoard Products Brochure.pdf.

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